Veterinary Care at Port Royal Animal Hospital during COVID-19 Pandemic

Veterinary Care at Port Royal Animal Hospital during COVID-19 Pandemic

March 2020

Dear Friends,

We at Port Royal Animal Hospital are committed to the health and well-being of all creatures.  We have always been committed to proper disinfection methods of our workplace in which we serve.

That being said, in accordance with most recent directives by Nova Scotia Public Health we have taken steps to do our part in slowing the transmission of COVID-19.

We continue to provide compassionate care to our patients and clients – it’s just going to “look” a little differently.


  • We have increased the frequency of disinfection of these premises, including debit/credit machine, counters, door handles, with EVERY visitor in the building.
  • If any of our TEAM becomes ill, they will not be coming to work. This will obviously limit how quickly we serve you – we ask for your patience as we navigate these unknown waters with fewer team-members.
  • We are already receiving word from our suppliers that we may encounter difficulty receiving our supplies.  We ask for your understanding as we do our best to accommodate the needs of all patients and clients.
  • We ask that you refrain from coming to our workplace if you are ill (or immunocompromised). If you are in a self-quarantine state, please be honest with us so our team can take necessary measures.  Please call us ahead to plan for any necessary care for your pet if this applies to you.
  • We ask that you respect others’ space and position yourself at least 6 feet from each other where possible, and limit your face-to-face contact with any one of our team to less than 10 minutes.
  • We are altering our appointment schedule to reduce ‘traffic’ at any one time. We are now limiting appointments to urgent or emergency care only and may perform some consultations by phone.  Our doors are locked and we are limiting the number of clients in the building to 1 at a time.
  • Prescription refills/pet food needs: please call in advance to arrange filling and pick up time and payment over the phone (etransfer is preferred) so we may reduce waiting times and congestion at our front desk.
  • We will do our best to maintain the integrity of our patients’ vaccine schedules and prescription drug needs. Our goal is to not exceed a 1 month delay on annual vaccine boosters, and will extend prescription refill renewals by 2 months – unfortunately, those blasted ticks have not been following directives about social distancing, and they are increasing their activity and numbers by the day, with spring weather approaching.  If we have reminded you recently about an upcoming annual checkup, or vaccine boosters (specifically Lyme/Lepto/FeLV vaccines), or if you need flea/tick prevention refilled, or other, necessary prescription refills renewed, please call or email us back and we will do our best to help you.

We are all in the same boat.  We pledge to respect these directives and will be updating them as needed.  It is up to us as a global community to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 so as not to overwhelm our already strained health-care system.  Let us be understanding of each other and kind to one another.


Our Team at Port Royal Animal Hospital

Dr. Jody, Lynn, Marcie, Morgan, Megan

and “Jazz”