Instructions for pet owners visiting Port Royal Animal Hospital during the COVID-19 Pandemic/State of Emergency

Instructions for pet owners visiting Port Royal Animal Hospital during the COVID-19 Pandemic/State of Emergency

  • before going to the vet hospital, call (902)532-7387 for advice
  • BY PHONE, make an appointment (for urgent/essential care only)
    • or make known your needs for prescription refills or pet food/supplies
  • answer truthfully to the following questions:  Have I or someone from my household been out of PROVINCE in the past 2 weeks?  Have I or someone from my household been symptomatic of COVID19 infection?  Have I or someone in my household been on self-quarantine due to recent exposure to COVID19 positive individuals?  If the answer is “YES” to any of the questions, please select a healthy individual from outside your household to bring your pet to us, or to pick up your order.  If that is not possible, our staff will take further precautions to reduce transmission of COVID-19.  That may involve a telephone consultation with the veterinarian, whenever possible.
  • only ONE healthy adult should drive the pet- pet should be restrained properly in the car, (preferably seatbelts AND definitely leashes for dogs, and portable kennels or carriers for cats/bunnies), preferably positioned in the rear passenger seat of the vehicle.  Please bring a cell phone (and charger) – this is how we will communicate with you.
  • upon arrival WAIT IN YOUR CAR and call us at (902)532-7387
  • a team member will call you to take your pet’s history
  • a team member will then escort your pet inside while you remain in your vehicle
  • please wait in your vehicle and avoid contact with others
  • the veterinarian will call you with the exam findings and any treatment plans
  • a team member will email any invoices or estimates for approval to you
  • instead of signatures, we will assume that prepayment of estimates as well as verbal confirmation constitutes approval to move forward on veterinary services
  • E-transfer is the preferred payment means.  Please make the payee.  The password will be your pet’s name.  A receipt of payment will be emailed to you.
  • your pet, and/or order will be escorted or delivered to your vehicle
  • please respect the 2 meter distance between yourself and our team members at all times
  • we recognize that not all folks have a cell/smart phone or ability to do online banking – we have procedures in place for that, but it is hopefully the exception and not the rule

This our new reality for the time being.  Veterinary hospitals have not yet been deemed essential services by the Provincial Government as of yet.  If we as a profession do not respect the directives in place, we run the risk of being shut down completely, as well as contributing to the transmission of COVID-19.  So I ask of you, please respect these new procedures in place.  Please understand that reducing our hours and number of staff is an effort to endure and provide at least the basic of care for our pet patients.  It will, however, make for increased wait times and trying of clients’ patience.  We thank you in advance for your understanding and for your patience as we do our best to perform under these challenging circumstances.

Yours sincerely,

Jody Cunningham, DVM